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  • Fan Speed: 1200 rpm +-10%
  • Max. Air Flow : 36.8CFM +- 10%
  • GameMax brand on lighting ring
  • Silent and unique design ARGB case fan
  • The fan blade can be disassembled for easy cleaning of dust
  • Bowl design Wind pressure is large; suspended fan blade design, large air volume (fan blades are larger than traditional aperture fans)
  • The sickle type design is matched with the floating fan blade, which increases the air intake side and can also enter the wind. The traditional fan can only enter the wind from the front. Refer to the edge of the “Owl” fan frame for improvement (GameMax patents)
  • Ultra-thin design, 20% lower than conventional fans
  • Support ASUS/MSI/Gigabyte RGB-SYNC mode (to be together with correct controller)


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