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  • 40mm Full Frequency Horn better tuning, repeated calibration, so that the overall earphone hearing better, full bass, high-pitched bright, rich details in the ear beat.
  • Double enjoyment of two usages: standardized high quality 3.5mm audio cable no power for headphones or the audio device has no bluetooth module, it can be connected by audio wires and switched to wired mode.
  • 2.6cm stretchable headband: UP and freely adjust lifting comfort according to different head shapes.
  • Simulated protein skin, comfortable in ear: using high quality imitation protein skin, healthy and breathable , no deformation rebound, soft and comfortable.
  • Dual battery life, balance left and right earmuffs. 500 mAh high capacity ,charging for 4hours ,bluetooth work 22hours, not worries of the power. Wear carefree indulge in life.
  • Bluetooth 5.0 chip, with 24Mbit/s high-speed transmission speed to ensure sound smooth and clear, stable data transmission, wide wireless coverage, low power consumption and compatible with all kinds of bluetooth devices.


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