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  • Make More Space – Get your pretty headset to have a seat and leaves less wasted room on your gaming desk. The solid and minimalistic black frame will pull you out of the desk mess of each gamer has.
  • I Got What You Want – Equipped with 4 USB 2.0 ports, just get it connected to power and drag your other devices over there to get plugged with no-extra access. Then you will never ever have to rack your brain for stupid cable management anymore.
  • Make Some RGB – Dynamic and vivid RGB backlit strip with up to 10 RGB lighting modes are the delectable sauces for you. It not just only make your desk neater but also make it more shiny and alluring.
  • Metal Core with Safety – 8.5 in height aluminum supporting bar will hold and protect your headset well. The swirling cover for the 2 surface USB ports can be closed to prevent water or dust when you need those USB hubs to take a break.
  • Keep It Quite Still – With 4 Non-slip rubbers made of natural-foam attached below the solid base, the headset stand will be enchanted by the desk surface and stands real still.


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Redragon HA300 Scepter Pro RGB Backlit Gaming Headset Stand Headset Stands 7 Redragon HA300 Scepter Pro RGB...